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MRS Award

Winners 2016

Populus Data Solutions are thrilled to announce that we are

now two time winners of the MRS Operations Award for Best Data Solution after successfully winning the award again in 2016.

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Our award winning solution was for a survey undertaken on behalf of Mediacom and Universal Music. We designed an online survey solution, built to engage with children 6-8 years old. The solution innovatively captured:


Claimed behaviour to understand music and listening preferences


Immediate and automatic system 1 response to CD cover designs

through an implicit response test, which was designed by House51, experts in applying behavioural economics to research

Some key highlights of the solution include

A visually engaging survey designed especially for 6-8 year olds


Included in the survey was an on screen avatar, to read out the questions to aid understanding amongst this age group


Survey questions were included to uncover claimed behaviour


An implicit response test was designed to look at unconscious associations and immediate response to the CD covers, including speed of response



What the Judges Said

“Populus Data Solutions stood out for capturing both claimed behaviour and implicit responses. They are working with their clients to help develop innovative solutions that go above and beyond traditional data collection. Really well done Populus!”