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Populus Data Solutions are at the forefront of using the latest innovations in research and data collection. We are proud to be three time winners of the coveted MRS Operations Award for Best Data Solution having won for three consecutive years.

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In 2019, we were ‘’Highly Commended’’ by the MRS at the MRS Operations Awards for Best Data Solution for delivering the world’s first live, in-home biometrics study of a live sporting event to measure engagement with the British Grand Prix for one of sport’s most iconic brands, Formula One (F1).


In 2017, we won the MRS Operations Award for Best Data Solution for the third year. This innovative study utilised the research industry’s first virtual reality equipped online panel, PopulusLive VR. We tested the appeal of 4 retail layouts on behalf of O2, which were brought to life for respondents using virtual reality.


In 2016, we retained our MRS Operations Award for Best Data Solution. Our second award winning solution was for a survey undertaken on behalf of Mediacom and Universal Music. We designed an online survey solution built to engage with children aged 6-8 years old, which utilised an implicit response test to uncover unconscious response.


In 2015, we were awarded the MRS Operations Award for Best Data Solution. We were chosen for our Voice of the Consumer solution for Red C Research and Aer Lingus. We provided a fully integrated data collection and real time reporting service across all touchpoints of the customer experience.