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Winmark Global, a leading consultancy in the management of membership communities for senior business leaders, approached Populus Data Solutions to assist in modernising the report for their Pension Chair Remuneration study through a dashboard portal. Winmark wanted a solution that allowed members of the Pension Chair of Trustees network to view individual scheme results as well as the overall study results.


Populus Data Solutions designed a professional dashboard portal co-branded to that of Winmark and their partner that allowed in excess of 60 pension scheme chairs of trustees to log in to view their personalised charts and infographics. Members were able to benchmark their own individual scheme results against those of the overall study. The portal also allowed the trending of data to compare year on year results. In addition, the portal was distributed to 1,500 further contacts to access overall infographics and reports. The solution included an online flipbook version of the overall report.


The dashboard solution was highly successful and well received by Winmark and the Pension Chair Members. The solution allowed Winmark to provide added value to its members through the ability to benchmark results. The solution has been commissioned for a further three years with a view to trending data over time. The solution also allowed Winmark to see usage stats to see which members were using the portal and which pages on the site were most visited.


“Populus Data Solutions were great to work with. They came up with some nice design ideas and we are very pleased with the professional and engaging design of the dashboard. The solution works really well allowing members to benchmark their results – the feedback from our members has been very positive.” 


Suzanne van Montfoort

Senior Research Manager, Winmark