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Diary Study







The market for spoken word content is one of the fastest growing areas of digital content globally. Ofcom wished to develop its knowledge of this category specifically amongst those who listen to Podcasts with a view to obtaining a better understanding of the in-the-moment needs, behaviours and usage.


Populus recruited 1,000 respondents from its online panel who listen to podcasts regularly and asked them to complete a 7 day diary exercise in which they shared the Podcast titles they listen to, how they listened to the podcast, and if they listened to all or some of it. Following completion of the 7 day diary Populus received over 800 completed diaries providing rich layered data on respondents daily usage of podcasts.


The research fed into Ofcom’s regular published work around the telephone communications landscape and specifically provided it with an enhanced and granular understanding of Podcast users beyond what was previous available within the RAJAR establishment survey.  Crucially the survey provided Ofcom with the critical knowledge it needed to effectively regulate this fast growing category of digital content.