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The Premier League wanted to assess how well its brand supported the story of modern Britain in the world today, and to benchmark its performance against the country’s most iconic brands, industries, and institutions. It needed to do so across a range of global markets with varied demographic make-ups and population sizes, from established economies through to rising powerhouses and emerging nations – while maintaining methodological consistency across all.


Populus Data Solutions carried out over 4,000 online interviews across eight countries – the USA, China, India, Nigeria, Qatar, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Indonesia – with a nationally representative sample of at least 500 adults in each.


The survey asked interviewees to score 15 British icons (from British universities and British film to Rolls Royce, British Airways and the Premier League) against a range of measures from being admired and trusted to being successful and globally recognised, providing some 60,000 data points in total.


The resulting ‘British Icon Index’ provided the Premier League with an invaluable assessment of how its brand squared up to other British icons in important global markets.


The findings were presented by Populus and the Premier League’s Chief Executive, Richard Scudamore, to a forum of national journalists, along with economic research from Ernst and Young.


Responding to the findings, the Business Secretary at the time, Sajid Javid said: “The Premier League is one of Britain’s most recognised and most popular brands. It’s also one of our biggest and most successful businesses both at home and abroad.”


The ‘British Icon Index’ is published here.