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In the wake of a UK-wide banking security breach, a leading corporate reputation management firm approached Populus to assist in crafting a response to the crisis that would communicate to the public that customers were no longer at risk, that money was secure, and that the organisation remained safe to bank with. The response to the crisis needed to be published as soon as possible, to ensure limited damage to the bank’s reputation.


Because of the crisis, the data was needed within a very short timeframe. Populus Data Solutions were able to run this survey as a FlashPoll, achieving 1000 high quality nationally representative online surveys and providing data tables within five hours of receiving the questionnaire.


The research provided the corporate reputation management firm with a clear read on the best response to publish in the media, on the very same day they approached Populus Data Solutions for a solution. The firm was able to release the statement rapidly across multiple media channels, confident in the knowledge that it was the optimal execution in communicating crisis resolution.