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Voice of

the Customer


Aer Lingus were looking for a real-time customer research programme that would enable all aspects of the business to really understand customers. 

More specifically, they wanted:


Real-time monitoring customer experience across all touchpoints.


A means of inviting passengers to complete the survey at a fixed point in time after the customer journey experience.


An understanding of passengers’ experiences with the brand to specifically monitor the causes of dissatisfaction.


The ability to invite everyone who books flights on aerlingus.com


On behalf of RED C research, Populus Data Solutions built a fully integrated Voice of the Customer (VoC) data collection and real time reporting service. This included:


Automated email invites that sends out 5,000 – 6,000 email invites per day


HTML email invites that has aerlingus.com booking data embedded into the invitations


An online survey that is device rendered for mobiles, tablets and computers


A survey that secures a 10% response rate equating to 500-600 interviews per day


A reporting system that provides 11 automated online dashboards


A reporting system that allows Aer Lingus to analyse down to flight level in real time 24/7


The solution has provided invaluable insights to the Aer Lingus team and the programme is being adopted throughout the business. It is the driving force for understanding customers and improving experience. The solution provided a larger sample size than achieved previously, meaning the reliability of survey responses is universally accepted. The data provided has allowed Aer Lingus to answer long standing questions on particular flights, routes and airports that were previously unknown as the samples were too small to research. As a result, we were awarded the MRS Operations award for Best Data Solution 2015.

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“The Voice of the Customer survey is one of the most important developments in recent Aer Lingus history. The sheer weight of the responses makes the data unarguable. It therefore provides a clear roadmap of what drives guest satisfaction and what areas Aer Lingus needs to focus on to further improve guest satisfaction. The business can now clearly prioritise those areas that need improvement and then measure the effect closely afterwards. This is critical to allow us to drive sustainable growth in our transatlantic market, while staying one step ahead of our competition in the European cities and leisure market.”