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Telephone Interviews Per Annum

Telephone Services

It’s never been so important to get the responses you require from the audiences you need. The surge in digital is well-known, but not everyone is online, and not everyone can be reached via online methods or is suitable to do so.

Populus Data Solutions is home to one of the UK’s leading CATI centres. We are an MRS Company Partner and are MRS Fair Data Accredited which is a sign of our commitment to treating consumers and their data fairly.

Based in Newcastle, our experienced 85 seat CATI centre is run by a highly experienced management team with a comprehensive understanding of the CATI approach.

What is the CATI methodology?

CATI stands for computer assisted telephone interviewing. This is where interviewers follow an electronic survey script and record responses within this. The key benefits are speed, quality and ease of use as respondents can be routed through a questionnaire based on their responses.


·         Consumer (national and local)

·         B2B

·         Healthcare

·         Difficult to reach audiences

Quality Assured

We capture meaningful data with impact, by following the CATI approach with precision and attention to detail.  We focus on the five key principles of telephone data collection namely:


·         Script Delivery

·         Respondent Control

·         Quality of Data

·         Objection Handling

·         Probing

Weekly Telephone Omnibus Services

Our telephone omnibus is the only weekly survey of its kind that targets a 50:50 mix of landline and mobile users.  This ensures that we pick up the national proportion of ‘mobile only households’ which is key in delivering a representative telephone sample of the population.


Nationally representative sample of 1,000 GB adults (18+)

Gold standard 50:50 mix of landline and mobile users


Questions – Wednesday

Fieldwork – Monday – Sunday

Data – Monday


Data tables in PDF or Excel

10 different demographics available free of charge

Contact Populus Data Solutions on 020 7553 3018 or email info@populusdatasolutions.com to find out more about our telephone CATI services.


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