Virtual Reality

Populus Data Solutions have launched the research industry’s first virtual reality online panel

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The Populus Data Solutions VR Panel

Members of the VR research panel have been recruited via our highly engaged online panel PopulusLive and equipped with headsets.


Working with our VR technology partner Gorilla In The Room, who produce virtual reality and augmented reality environments, Populus Data Solutions can now integrate virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360 degree video content as part of our online surveys.

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Behavioural economics has demonstrated that context is key in influencing our decision making. We can now immerse respondents in virtual scenarios where they can experience what we are researching as they would encounter it in the real world and consequently give responses that better predict their likely real world behaviour.


This has potential impact for many sectors. Respondents can visually have the experience of walking into a shop and seeing a new pack, or new products on shelf with their competitors. They can also see a new point of sale drawing attention to a new product or service and even see new out of home advertising in the context of the hustle and bustle of the streets.


Moreover, by developing the PopulusLive VR panel, research that up to now could only be carried out qualitatively, can now be done at scale with quantitative size sample groups.


Virtual reality copy testing: Provides a meaningful and immersive way to test concepts.


A 360 degree video of a real environment (e.g. high street) with existing advertising sites such as billboards or bus advertising digitally altered using CGI to test different concepts.


Virtual reality journeys: Respondents can see what new ideas and designs look like in a 3D context.


A 360 degree video of a customer journey such as entering a retail store or airport retail environment can be created. CGI assets (branding, signage or navigation signs) can be rendered and changed on physical objects or CGI 3D models created.

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VR Panel Feedback

“The virtual reality experience was great fun and it really added to the survey.”


“Was brilliant with the VR, thanks for an enjoyable survey. Would love to do more in future.”

For further information please contact Daniel Singham, Head of Business Development